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Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, Governed by the planet Mars, inherits the energies of Assertiveness and Boldness, unafraid to act in any situation, ready to leap and tackle a problem head first. As an Aries, sensitivity should be cultivated in your day to day dealings with others. Good vocations for Aries are entrepreneurs, adventurers, police officers, firemen, and EMS workers. Aries being a fire sign, gives you the capacity to motivate others to act. Relationships Good connections can be found in the air signs.

Celestyal Crystal

Advisors have many options when it comes to booking a cruise to Cuba, as many lines now call on Havana during Caribbean sailings. I found Celestyal Cruises’ Cuba itinerary to be especially noteworthy, as it offers multiple calls in Cuba, along with a fully developed people-to-people program. In addition to two sea days, it calls on three Cuban ports during the weeklong itinerary: Santiago de Cuba, Havana and Cienfuegos, with passengers embarking from either Havana or Montego Bay, Jamaica. A cruise around Cuba is an attractive way to see several spots across the island, as buses can take more than 15 hours to get from Havana to Santiago de Cuba. In Santiago de Cuba, passengers gained an understanding of Cuban revolutionary history by visiting the Moncada Barracks, Antonio Maceo Revolution Square and Santa Ifigenia Cemetery.

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier – dells daily dish

You know how I love my crystal chandeliers! I love how they shine and sparkle. What’s the point of having sparkly chandeliers if they don’t sparkle? Here are a few tips on how to clean a crystal chandelier. I’ve bought my fair share of crystal chandeliers over the years. Years ago I researched how to clean brass chandeliers. I’m pretty sure it is heading South to Happy Hill! Thanks for stopping by! Here are a few more of my posts that will help cure your unhealthy chandelier obsession!: =D. Ebay Chandelier – A Cautionary Tale.

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