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Crystal Dones in Bronx, NY | PeekYou

Looking for a Crystal Dones in Bronx, New York? PeekYou’s people search engine has 3 results for Crystal Dones in Bronx, New York.


Welcome to London Fossils and Crystals my name is Sheila. I have been selling fossils and crystals since 1999, loving their mystery and beauty ever since. A busy day?, trying day? In need of some respite? come and visit me in an oasis of crystal energies. Healing Crystal guides are suggested as spiritual supports. Birthstone and Zodiac Chart……………. Follow us on.

Crystal Fire The Birth Of The Information Age –

Crystal Fire The Birth Of The Information Age Crystal Fire The Birth Of The Information Age : crystal fire: the birth of the information age

Mineshaft Canberra

Mineshaft trys to stock a range of really interesting crystal specimens along with many mineral specimens. We stock the type of crystals you don’t see in typical crystal shops. The Quartz crystal has dissolved or slipped out and subsequently left the empty hexagonal crystal cast. TOURMALINE in QUARTZ. These crystals have nice Tourmaline inside clear polished Quartz crystals. AQUAMARINE CRYSTALS. Mineshaft has quite a few nice Aquamarine crystals covering all price ranges.

The Age of Transparency

Really, healing doesn’t even feel like the right word. More so we are receiving ‘perspective adjustments and corrections’ allowing us to say “Ohhhhh” and “Aaaahhh”, “Now I see! Now I understand! Now I get it!” And this feels like healing because suddenly the heart doesn’t feel so tight. You may not be aware of what is going on in your night time travels, but find yourself waking up feeling different, feeling warm or like something has happened, you just can’t remember what. What are you feeling called to do more of, and less of? What are you being called toward, and away from? What and who do you want to have around you? What foods is your body asking you to eat? What are you being asked to let go of. How are you feeling? Do you feel a shift in your heart related to yourself and others? Have you had any profound healing moments or re-connections lately?

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