new age crystals News for December 28 2017

Why is my Honey Crystallizing?

All honey will at some point turn to sugar crystals. Some other terms for it are sugared, granulation, solidifying and crystallizing. The crystals may be large or small, a grainy, sandy type or smooth and creamy type. What makes it crystallize is due to the type of flower the honey bee visited when she gathered the blossom’s nectar. The floral source determines whether the honey will turn into a solid form more quickly or not. Some honeys while raw will stay in a liquid form for quite a while. Other honeys will turn to a solid form with in a few weeks. This is due to how stable the sugar crystal is in the nectar. Remember the sugar crystals we made as children in grade school, we evaporated sugar water with a string dropped in it for the crystals to form on. This is not honey turned bad, or anything that is affecting the taste or quality of the honey. To turn it back to a liquid, pourable state, use gentle warming of the jar in hot water. Honey doesn’t need to be stored in the refrigerator.

Crystals And Minerals

Metaphysical properties of gems and minerals, and their application in assisting with the healing of Mother Earth. Toltec Trading Company – The Home of the Crystal Mask … Learn about the Chakras and Crystals and how they interact with each other. Grailstones – Ancient Healing Crystals and Moldavites … Suppliers of high quality crystals, gemstones and other mind, body and spirit products and information. Toltec Trading Company – The Home of the Crystal Mask … Learn about the Chakras and Crystals and how they interact with each other. Information on adding your web site to the Link Directory.

Healing Crystals and Stones in Fort Lauderdale / Dania Beach

Zen Mystery offers crystals at a very reasonable price in different shapes including Spheres, Stones, Hearts, Pure Rocks, Bracelets, Necklaces, Buddha shapes, and pendulums. Using sea salt and water, or ocean water, cleanse the crystals and set an intention to remove negative energies from the crystal. Next, charge the crystals in sun light in an open space for up to 24 hours of sun light, to ensure the crystal is ready and activated to do its mission. The last step is to program your crystal to direct the energy for the specific purpose you are using it for. We are happy to bring our favorite crystals and healing stones to the Dania Beach community. We accept cash and credit cards and have gift certificates available for purchase.

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