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Usually the Nuager has never learned a thing about what their ancestors believed, or. “Cherokee”The only Indian nation many Nuagers can actually name. “Cherokee Princess”A fictitious woman used often by Nuagers and other racists to justify their demands. “Evolved”The racist claim of Nuagers that their haphazard collection of bits and pieces of.indigenous beliefs mixed with”Noble Savage” stereotypes are somehow a “more. “Fear”Generally, any speech or action which causes a Nuager to feel fear attributed to fear in the person speaking or acting. For example,”You’re just acting. “Lakota”I’m totally legit! I can name more than one nation.”Love”In the simplistic psychology of the new age, there are only two emotions: love and fear.(See”Fear.”)It’s very important for Nuagers to maintain at all times the perception that their actions. “Negative”1. Anything which makes a Nuager feel uncomfortable, such as the presence of people.who are able to think rationally, is thought of as negative. This is a favorite rhetorical.device of the Nuager when replying to critics.”You’re being really negative!”2. Any attitude other then unquestioning faith and belief in the leader or master.”Neo-Indigenous”1. Oxymoronic term beloved of racist appropriators who believe they can choose to.become Indigenous. Nuagers spouting this nonsense usually also believe they can.declare themselves Elders.2. See”Indigenous European”. “A Native comeback to the claim of white Nuagers claiming to be Indians in a past life:”You poor man! You must have been very bad in that past life if they punished you by. Subservient, non-critical attitude to Nuagers’ appropriation of Indian spiritual. As in, a Nuager saying, “I had hoped we could have a respectful conversation. “Spiritual Tourism”When Nuagers travel to Latin America to pay large sums of cash for dubious ceremonies.because:A. They’ve seen American Indians do things like drive cars and use computers, and they.want a fantasy of Indians as still living in the past.B. Native protests of pseudo-shamans in the US spoil the fantasy for them.C. They know even less about Latin American Indians than they do about the ones in the.US and Canada, so nonsense like”Four Agreements” or “Cosmic Convergence” seems. “Workshop”1. A semi-formal seminar or tutorial where Nuagers exchange money for the chance to.feel”spiritual.

How to Open a New Age Store

Have you been interested in starting your own new age store and wants to enjoy the prosperity that it could bring to your life? Allow us to be part of your dream while we teach you on how to open a new age store and on how to manage this interesting and worthwhile business. It’s been not quite a long time since the popularity of the New Age philosophy from the sensational hit of the best-selling book and DVD of “The Secret”, many have been inspired to achieve a more prosperous and revitalizing life because of the spiritual aspiration it provided to the believer. The real life concepts of the New Age viewpoints have opened the minds of the modern entrepreneurs on the road to another business idea of not just selling goods but also to be a contributor to the spiritual awareness of the community as well. The public interest for the New Age trend is continuously increasing nowadays so there is a big chance of success on this very meaningful business. Starting your own New Age business has the same way just like the other businesses. Let us guide you on how to open and manage your own New Age Store. There’s no need for a special skill or finish a course to start your own New Age store. If you have the passion for new ideas of serving your clients, and willing to accept changes that it might bring to your lifestyle then you are definitely qualified for the New Age business. The concept of New Age philosophy is extremely broad so you need to focus on a certain interest which you think you will excel most. The most interesting part of owning a New Age store is that you can extend the services not only by selling goods but also you can offer teaching sessions or to host special events. On the other hand, alongside in starting a New Age store is an ample amount of funding for the start-up cost for your inventory and acquiring the business licenses as well as an appropriate place for your shop.

Urine Crystals in Babies

Urine crystals, while frightening to first-time parents, are perfectly normal in newborn babies. Usually appearing as reddish “Brick dust” powder in the first few diapers, urine crystals can easily be mistaken for blood in the urine, causing undue worry. Most of the time, these crystals will go away on their own, although if they persist past the fifth day of life, you may want to seek the advice of your pediatrician. Newborn babies who are being fed primarily on colostrum, the highly concentrated early form of breast milk, will often show small red ‘brick dust’ powder in their wet diapers. Urine, or uric acid crystals, are simply the result of highly concentrated urine, and is generally thought to be caused by the small amount of colostrum the newborn baby is able to digest. The low volume of colostrum is not normally sufficient to produce regular liquid urine, resulting in uric acid crystals. Once the mother’s regular breast milk comes in, generally around the third to fifth day, your baby’s urine should appear clear. If the urine crystals persist after the fifth day, your baby may be suffering from dehydration. If your baby is not producing around six wet diapers a day, you should take him to his doctor to have him weighed. One possible problem with diagnosing dehydration is that many health professionals mistake urine crystals for blood, particularly if you are contacting them over the phone and not in person. If your baby is suffering from dehydration, it is most likely the result of improper breastfeeding technique. Once the baby is getting their fill of milk, the urine crystals should disappear from any further wet diapers.

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