new age crystals News for November 27 2017

Healing Arts Festival and Psychic Fair

Explore the mystical and energetic relationships to ourselves and the world around us. We are all working together to create a better world by taking care of our earth and sharing a positive approach to the new era. Explore new science, ancient mysteries, alternative health, and spiritual teachings. Psychic readings ~ massage ~ tarot ~ crystals ~ reiki. To bring medical and alternative practitioners and products together, providing a thoroughly comprehensive event for the community. You will have a unique opportunity to learn about therapies first hand in order to make wise choices about your health involving your Mind, Body and Spirit. Make contact with therapists, practitioners and organizations to gain new insights into modalities in natural healing and psychic development.

New Dimensions

Established in November, 2001, New Dimensions, based at 425 Logan Rd, Stones Corner, Brisbane, is continuing to evolve and grow with customer demands. This is a place where people come not only to shop but to escape the hustle & bustle of modern life by browsing in a calming & welcoming oasis. The store stocks a wide selection of new age, metaphysical and self help books, tarot & oracle cards, crystals, suncatchers & chimes, incense, feng shui items, CD’s and jewellery. We also have available professional readers on a daily basis. If we have it in stock we will email you photos and details. We will also be updating details of dates of upcoming courses as they become available.

East Meets West

East Meets West believes in unifying the cultures of the world, melding the East and the West to create a synergy of one people, one place. Together, we bring the best products to help restore energy, discover mindfulness, build community, and nourish the spirit. When you’re in the right place in the universe, everything comes together.

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