new age crystals News for November 26 2017

Crystal, Spiritual, New Age Shop located in Penrith, Western Sydney

Welcome to Inner Forest a spiritual, new age retail shop located in High Street Penrith in Sydney’s West. We’ve been open for business in the heart of Penrith since 1995 and specialise in products and services related to the wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. We pride ourselves on having a relaxing atmosphere with friendly staff who are happy to help you out. We love that many of our customers have told us they come to our store just to relax and de-stress. All are welcome at Inner Forest to browse and shop in store. Crystal, Spiritual and New Age Gifts If you’re looking for a unique gift or something meaningful, we offer a wide selection of spiritual, new age products such as:Crystals. Clothes and so much more…Whilst we do not sell online, please take a moment to view some more of our Product Range which can be purchased in store. Psychic Readings We also have four of the best Psychic Tarot Readers in Penrith who offer a range of services including psychic readings, psychometry, the pendulum and dream analysis. Reading are available daily and no bookings are required, but if you would like to book for a specific time please phone us to reserve a time.


Crystals take billions of years to grow, so the energy that has stored in them and flows through them, vibrates much higher than our energy. So by utilizing these we can elevate our own vibration to support our healing endeavors. Crystals can be used medicinally and have historically been utilized in creating medicine. They have also been used scientifically to create the technology we all use today. We offer the largest variety of crystals, minerals and fossils in Ocala. We have a large selection of rare specimens not often found elsewhere for the general public. The smallest pieces are our tumbled stones, which are very affordable and very portable. These are best for those who wish to carry them in their pocket. The older the better! We offer a wide selection of crystal skulls, spheres, pyramids, vogels, generators, and specialty Asian carvings. We also have a few large cathedrals and spheres for the collector! We would love to talk more about all of these with you in person as there is so much information and each and every stone is different. Come by and visit us at the best kept secret in Ocala! PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT!

Rocky’s Crystals & Minerals

Rocky’s Crystals & Minerals, a New Age Crystal and Gift boutique offers a large selection of crystals, minerals & new age spiritual gifts at affordable prices for those interesting in making a positive difference in one’s life. Our goal is to inspire you to become interested in the crystals and gemstones and apply your new love of crystal healing to your life. Rocky’s Crystals & Minerals officially opened on March 28, 2015! Their eclectic and whimsical boutique is located at 559 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, NJ. Travel time from NYC is approximately 35 minutes and located in a thriving holistic yoga and restaurant town. Rocky’s Crystals & Minerals carries the largest variety of gemstones, crystals, minerals, incense and new age gifts for all spiritualists in the New York/New Jersey Tri-State & Greater Philadelphia Area!

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