new age crystals News for November 24 2017

The Rock Store, Toronto Crystal Healing Centre

Welcome to our Crystal store and Healing Centre! We are a spiritually based centre and mystery school located in the heart of Toronto. We specialize in crystals and minerals, books, decks and other products and to support your individual healing and interests. We offer many different types of drop in yoga and meditation classes, treatments and workshops which include Crystal Grid Treatments, Reiki Treatments, Intuitive Readings and Counselling to support your personal growth and journey on this Earth plane. We are also the home of the Crystal Awakenings Certification Program, Gendai Reiki Classes, Astrology Fundamentals Certification Workshop Series, Tarot Certification Courses and we are the home of the Open Coven of TCOTM that honours the cycles of the Great Mother through the Wheel of the Year. UPCOMING OFFERINGS. THE ROOT CHAKRA CRYSTAL GRID TREATMENTS NOV 9-23RD This is the grid of the roots connected to the Mother’s Great Tree, and draws on the deep roots from trees that surround us, aiding us in their lesson of true stability and connectivity. This is the crystal grid of wisdom found deep within the earth, wisdom accessible through the ground that comes as inheritance. Come lie in a sacred geometric crystal grid treatment in our healing room, amidst hundred of crystals designed to align, attune, and amplify your root chakra while Reiki and Aromatherapy are applied. The mission of The Rock Store is to follow the rhythms and flows of the Great Mother and offer a centre of devotion and service. Cost: $35 + HST. NOVEMBER 2017 REIKI TREATMENTS PROMOTION This November, enjoy a 60 or 90 min Reiki & Crystal Therapy Treatment with us at a discounted rate! This hands on healing technique can affect the spiritual, emotional, energetic, and physical body in an individualized experience. Dec 10th, 12:30 – 2:30 PM Cost: $60 + HST. SACRAL CHAKRA CRYSTAL GRID TREATMENTS DEC 7-21STThis Crystal Grid Treatment is designed to bring healing and awareness around the raw energies of the sacral chakra, understand our connection to these vital energies, our passion and life of connection to the Great Mother. Lie there surrounded by hundred of JUICY SHAKING SACRAL chakra crystals while Reiki and Aromatherapy are applied. Bring in the New Year with The Rock Store community as we utilize breath, crystals, meditation, hot stone restorative yoga and sound healing to ground, recharge, and establish your intentions for 2018.

Inside the New Age Nightmare

In the unfolding inside story of a former New Age leader, a panorama of alien, farfetched, and even shocking New Age landscapes are exposed. We were quite the New Age activists, dedicatedly propagating the wonderful news of the New Age to as many as would listen. With a unique blend of a) high-tech devices, b) modernized New Age sorcery, and c) futuristic scientific vision, New Age sacred science claims to be the way for man to technologically control the powers of the universe. Is New Age science just another Alice in Wonderland fantasy? Does it involve the placebo effect? Is it a mad scientists dream? Why are Satans demons leading more and more New Agers along these lines? Does it have any connection to the UFO issue? These and many other tantalizing questions arise about this strange Twilight Zone area of the New Age. For others, as it was for me, its the manifesting of a New Age retreat or some other type of New Age center of activities and services. The depth of the New Age brainwashing that this Healing Temple One scenario reflects demonstrates the power of Satans demons in back of this branch of New Age thinking. Behind the modernized New Age gloss, Biblically forbidden occult-based principles and practices are at the foundation of New Age phenomenon like Healing Temple One and the Ascension Chamber. Over the years of being involved in the Santa Fe. and national New Age scenes, we developed an ingrained skepticism and somewhat jaded view of the veritable circus of New Age people and their trips. To the New Age, Christians generally are regarded as old age, people who have yet to awaken to the higher realities of New Age consciousness. The New Age claimed to embrace the Bible, but I saw that the Bible just doesnt fit into the New Age. Having been in most major cities giving lectures and having kept my finger on the pulse of the national-level New Age Movement for the previous five years, I was not aware of a single Christian outreach program formulated to take the Christian witness directly into the New Age subculture. Looking back on my 15 long, intensive years in the New Age, it is clear how Satan tempted a nave, searching teenager, seduced a well-meaning, but blinded truth-seeker, and bound a man in chains with each step of a meteoric New Age career.

Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Books, New Age Gifts

At we are dedicated to providing the highest quality spiritual gifts, products and services to nourish your body, mind and soul. Our divine goal is to support our customers, so we may all enjoy the spiritual gift of living happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives. Let us serve our world through the sharing of modern spiritual ideas, wisdom and spiritual service in this real age. The great masters of all traditions have shown us the way, yet there is much in our culture that has led us off the spiritual path. We can discover our spiritual gifts and life purpose, heal ourselves and transform our world!’s Spiritual Books, Spiritual Gifts & Products have been created with Love to consciously reconnect us all to Source inspiration, and to our spiritual gift of inner beauty. Our spiritual gifts and spiritual growth provide peaceful, supportive SOULutions for restoring our mind and body to wholeness so we can live our most balanced, joyous life! By integrating spirituality into your life, you can often make what appears the impossible possible! Our favorite spiritual saying is “With God, All Things Are Possible!” It is possible for each of us to achieve and maintain a vibrant state of health by identifying the fear in our emotional body, the confusion in our mental body and the doubt in our spiritual body. Our selection of timeless spiritual books and spiritual gifts were designed to educate, enlighten, and provide inspiration. Spiritual gift stores: We invite you to shop our online spiritual gift store today! Tune in to your Higher Self, and select our spiritual gifts & products for your greatest good. Enjoy your spiritual growth experience at! J. Live a fuller life, joyfully with LOVE! Enjoy browsing through our spiritual products and services!

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