new age crystals News for October 25 2017


Gifts from around the world to celebrate the joy of living. Ascended master pictures, Books, Copper discs, Music, Essences and sprays, Quartz and Metal singing bowls, Incense and smudge sticks,Tarot and Oracle decks and the home of the Crystal Oversoul range of images and products. AristiA was created in 1989 by Michael Eastwood, after listening to a series of intuitive visions that informed him that an important cycle of humanity was about to begin, he acknowledged this with the creation of the company AristiA. Michael is the author of the Nine Chakra Crystal Healing Manual, Crystal Oversoul Attunements, Unfolding Our Light and Crystal Oversoul New Earth Attunements. AristiA has a beautiful shop in Southsea and an international mail order service based on the Isle of Wight England. The crystals offered by AristiA are all hand chosen by Michael through a process whereby he tunes in and communicates with the Oversoul of the crystal. If you are a collector or needing some assistance choosing crystals Michael is happy to meet with you to help the process. Or you can Skype and he can show you any pieces you are interested in. Crystals from AristiA are in international collections throughout the world and Michael has been working with many of these collectors for many years. Whether you want a single crystal, rare, valuable or large, AristiA provides a unique and very special service. Free postage on orders over £100 anywhere in the world.

What New Agers Believe

Belief in DeityGod is the impersonal life force, consciousness, ultimate truth and reality, the incorporeal, formless cosmic order personified within all people and matter. IncarnationsMost believe there are no particular incarnations to worship, as all in the universe are embodiments of God. Origin of Universe and LifeThe universe, life, and matter were not created by God but “Are” God. The universe and life emerged out of the creative power of the eternal universal life force. After DeathSome believe in continual rebirth-no death-as life is spirit. Some believe that our souls rest for a time before deciding on a new body. Most believe people make “Mistakes” when they are ignorant of the power of goodness, which is God, within themselves and others. Some believe evil is perpetuated through accumulation of past-life wrongs and spiritual ignorance. SalvationSalvation lies in the realization of oneness with the impersonal life force. Some believe the salvation of humanity will occur when a critical mass is reached, when people converge in experiencing their oneness with God and with each other. Suffering is sometimes viewed as occurring for a specific purpose, to further spiritual growth and learn a life lesson. Suffering is also seen as illusory, in that it results from attachment to bodily pleasure and pain, and only the universal life force within, God, truly exists.

Wholesale New Age Directory

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