new age crystals News for September 28 2017 – zircon crystals

Volcanologists are gaining a new … New research suggests that the very oldest pieces of rock on Earth–zircon crystals–are … Lead hokes the age.

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New Age

New Age: A Collection of Thought SystemsNew Age is a compilation of metaphysical, Eastern-influenced thought systems. The main phrases that reveal the focal point of New Age thought are “Feel-goodism”, “Moral relativism”, and “Pluralism”. The phrase “New Age” refers to the “Aquarian Age” which, according to New Age supporters, is now beginning. This Age is expected to bring in peace and enlightenment, as well as reunite humans with “God.” New Age doctrine says that humans are currently estranged from god due to a lack of insight concerning god’s real nature and reality. Although New Age is generally tolerant of almost any world religion or philosophy, it is opposed to the “Narrow-mindedness” of Christianity that teaches Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal salvation. New Age philosophy is complicated to define because there is no centralized hierarchy, doctrine, or membership. At its foundation, the New Age movement is a religious system with two main doctrines: Evolutionary Godhood and Global Unity. New Age: The Doctrine of Evolutionary GodhoodGenerally, New Age thought supports the theory of organic evolution, but extends the concept to the evolution of the spirit. Many New Age practices are designed to accelerate the evolutionary push into the spiritual realms. One New Age principle is that we will all realize our proper divine relationship with one another and achieve pure harmony through the acceptance of this divine knowledge. Another New Age principle is that god is everything, and everything is god. Actually, many in the New Age movement refer to the union of earth and nature as “Gaia.” Gaia is revered, respected, and even worshipped as a god by some. American Indian rituals are also popular in the New Age movement because they focus on the elements of nature and man’s relationship to them. There is no objective morality in the New Age philosophy.

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