new age crystals News for September 26 2017

inspirit crystals

Inspirit Crystals is a spiritual gift shop offering items from a wide array of spiritual backgrounds. We have beautiful crystals from around the world from pocket sized tumbled stones to crystal points weighing more than 15 pounds and everything in between! We offer psychic readings every day of the week with one or two readers offering their insights. You can learn about each of our readers and see their schedules here. We also carry statues in brass, stone, crystal, wood and resin. These statues represent the Buddhist, Hindu, Greek, Pagan and Egyptian traditions just to name a few! From tiny brass statues just one-inch high to a four foot tall brass Krishna, there are many statues to choose from!

New Age Protection

New Age Protection is revolutionizing the way professional and protection services are delivered. Our commitment to customer service and high performance is unrivaled. With each customer contact, our staff exhibits the skills, enthusiasm and professionalism that have become the cornerstones of the New Age brand. Our lean corporate structure contributes to our agility, which enables us to be more responsive to customer needs and make optimal use of our resources. Our work with government entities allows us to leverage business relationships to help our clients accomplish their mission. We invite you to discover how New Age solutions can help carryout roles critical to your organization’s mission.

Wellstone Jewelry

Wellstone Jewelry – Wellstone Jewelry Wellstone Jewelry’s symbolic, metaphysical, wicca, pagan and new age jewelry collections include: goddess jewelry with Dance of the Goddess and Goddess Circle, tarot jewelry, angel jewelry, celtic jewelry, totem jewelry, pregnancy, midwifery & doula, birthing and motherhood jewelry, torcs and wands. All Wellstone Jewelry designs are handmade in our shop in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California in Sterling Silver or you may special order 14K yellow gold. Many designs incorporate the color and qualities of fine gemstones and you will find a complete selection available for your choice.

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