new age crystals News for September 24 2017

113 Christopher St, West Village, New York, NY

807-7024 Highly recommend for someone who is looking for a store with great incense & crystals. My journey with crystals has recently started, and the gentleman managing the store took the time to help me, answering many questions. We had our kids with us who LOVE to look at crystals and know more about them then Many adults I know. We didn’t appreciate the store clerks hovering over them as If they were going to do something wrong. What a blessing that Heather was working when I came into the store. Nice little boutique shop to find that special gift for anyone who is into Native American arts or New Age things like crystals, incense, and smudging. Still, worth a look into if you are the type into unusual gifts and/or purifying a new space you’re moving into. Found some crystals that were new to me, which is rare as I am a rock hound and make gemstone jewelry… I’ll be back! You can look at all the beautiful crystals for hours. So come if you’re a newbie looking for advise, a seasoned collector looking for something special, or just curious. Besides the fact that the store was opened late, the whole experience was magical and beautiful. The real problem with this store is that they don’t let you take Heather home with you… she is so knowledgeable and so friendly that I just wanted to talk to her all day! As I think about it, in the years and years I’ve been visiting the store, I’ve never dealt with anyone but the kindest employees, both in terms of knowing tons and in terms of openly sharing their knowledge without making me feel stupid or pressured to buy.

ExquisiteCrystals: Healing Crystals, Minerals, Tumbled Stones For Sale

Here you will find one of the largest inventories of healing crystals and minerals. Exquisite Crystals offers the highest quality quartz crystals and minerals. All of our healing crystals are hand chosen based on a combination of factors including the aesthetics and the crystal’s energy. Exquisite Crystals is home to the highest quality and most reasonably priced healing crystals and minerals on the web. Exquisite Crystals was founded by John Van Rees in 1999 in an effort to bring the world of healing crystals to a broader community. Exquisite Crystals’ mission is to introduce the healing energy and power of crystals to people who are new to crystals, and also to provide a place for collectors and lovers of crystals to expand on their collections and continue on their personal journey. In addition to our amazing selection of healing crystals and minerals, at Exquisite Crystals we have a huge inventory of carvings, incense, chakra healing sets, gem elixirs, pendants, books, wands, tumbled stones, and other spiritual healing accessories and products. Exquisite Crystals is home to the highest quality and largest collection of healing crystals, minerals, and other soul healing products and accessories on the web. Please take advantage of the resources that are available at Exquisite Crystals. Not only are we an excellent resource for healing crystals and minerals, but we also offer many books that can help you begin your crystal collection, advance your relationship with crystal healing, and further explore the ways that crystals and minerals can be an asset in your every day life.

Cleansing Your Crystals

Crystals are powerful conductors of energy, and this energy will affect our emotions and well-being. Because our crystal companions are exposed to lots of energies throughout our daily living, its important to know how, and when, to cleanse our crystals! Sage & FeatherSometimes when Im using crystals with clients Ill want to do an energetic cleanse between sessions. If I feel some of my crystals need an energetic cleansing, Ill pass them through the smoke from the incense. IntentionOur own intention is also a very powerful method for clearing not only our crystals, but our entire home as well. Sunlight/MoonlightAllowing your crystals to sit for a certain amount of time in either sunlight or moonlight can bring an element of ritual and magic to your life. NOTE about sunlight – it can FADE your crystals! Sunlight cleansing should be minimal! Salt water cleanseI only mention this because its a very popular method for cleansing crystals because salt is wonderful at removing negative energies. This is one of my least favorite methods for cleansing a crystal simply because salt water can be very harsh with certain crystals. Some methods suggest letting your crystals soak overnight in salt water, and others recommend just letting your crystals sit in a bed of salt overnight. If you are attracted to using salt or salt water, be sure to research possible interactions with your crystals. Remember, our crystals are companions on our lifes journey, and deserve our care, tenderness, and gratitude.

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