new age crystals News for September 23 2017

Crystal Energy – The Science & Spirit of the Gem

Crystals are among the most common tools used in the esoteric practice of the modern age. Most esoteric practices and philosophies utilise crystals in some way …

Choosing Crystals

I was recently in a local new age shop browsing through the crystals, when two women came in on a mission to get some crystals to do some chakra balancing. Their conversation also reminded me of a time when I was new to crystals, and I felt conflicted over what people told me I should be using vs. the crystals I was drawn to use. I wanted to be sure to get it right! Luckily my crystals had different plans for me, and as I went to work doing crystal healing Id often find myself drawn to using crystals that I wouldnt have thought of using; for example, a bloodstone over the crown chakra, or moonstone over the sacral chakra. What I learned from my experiences was that it seems our crystals choose us, though we think were choosing them. Now my method for choosing crystals is completely intuitive. Whether you are going into a new age shop looking for new crystals, or you are choosing from your own crystal tribe for a healing session, here are a few methods Ive used that seem to work very well. AttractionThis is really the simplest method for choosing a crystal; Attraction! This will happen when you are drawn to pick up a crystal, but then for whatever reason, you put it back down again. As you are browsing other crystals, you keep getting drawn back to that particular piece. If you are choosing from your own crystal tribe, it will feel the same way; one crystal will just seem to grab your attention. Whether youre choosing a crystal from a shop, or from your own personal collection, simply ask to be guided to the crystal or crystals that would support the work you want to accomplish. DowsingMy preferred method for choosing a crystal will always be either attraction or intuition. Trust YourselfWhen it comes to choosing crystals, the most important thing is to trust yourself.

New Age Healing Crystals

With medicine getting so advanced, people have a relief as compared to earlier times. One such prominent treatment which people follow even today is usage of healing stones. With the introduction of technology, there have been great advancements in these stones too but, these healing stones have always been at rescue to the ailing health of people since years and even today. If you are one of those believers in healing stones, Universal Exports is here to serve you with all your needs. With the presence of new age healing crystals, Universal Exports has become one of the major manufacturers of healing stones all over India. The healing stones or crystals are known to lighten stress, cure various diseases, boosting creativity, as well as in enhancing physic powers. The belief that the new age healing crystals carry – of having a subtle power, is very much true wherein the level of energy produced by these crystals vary from one type to other. Depending on your need, Universal Exports makes sure to fulfill your demands along with providing the best of the guidance related to these stones. With such a big number of threatening diseases being cured by the healing stones, it is obvious for people to believe in them. Universal Exports understands this and hence makes it a point to deliver the best of the crystals demanded by the people all over India. With constant supply of large number of new age healing crystals, Universal exports has earned a great name and has become one-stop destination for healing stones requirement. If any individual is looking forward to some particular crystal for healing his ailment, Universal Exports is the best place to resort to and get treated from roots through these new age healing crystals.

New Age is Now Specialty Retail Report

To some consumers, New Age represents a lifestyle involving organic, Earth-friendly products. While “New Age” means different things to different people, ultimately it’s the commonalities of spirituality and personal and environmental awareness that hold the New Age market together and give it shape. “New Age is really old age,” says Stevan Lichtig, president of Fine-Line Products, Inc. Instead of representing a fresh approach, New Age is actually more like a return to the interests and practices of the 1960s. Where New Age consumers of the ’60s were primarily hippies and hippie-wannabes, today’s New Age consumer is often part of the “Cultural creatives” movement, whether they know it or not. “New Age today is about ‘conscious-living’ products,” says Luanne Napoli, former editor-in-chief of New Age Retailer magazine. New Age consumers spend nearly $230 billion a year on New Age products. At the same time, 18 percent of those surveyed reported rapid growth, a sign that demand for New Age products is picking up. With such a broad demographic base and wide variety of products, New Age was destined for widespread consumption almost from the start. At the core of New Age market growth has been candles, body care products, aromatherapy items, books, music and jewelry. Bret Williamson, owner of Light Stones believes that New Age products crossed over to mainstream culture about eight years ago with the angel craze. Just as there are larger cultural shifts that impact products people buy, there are smaller trends shaping the types of New Age merchandise that are hot right now. According to a New Age Retailer survey, sales of “Metaphysical,” astrology and other quasi-spiritual products have also been on the rise.

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